365Canvas’s Augmented Reality (AR) Tool Now Provides Life-like Shopping Experience

You Personalize, We Visualize

365Canvas announces the launch of its new augmented reality (AR) application that lets shoppers virtually pair paint colors with canvas prints and test how they’ll look on their spaces and walls (including size, color, and material). This makes it easier to confidently experience wall art, get inspired, and try endless products.  

What is Augmented Reality? 

The exciting Augmented Reality (AR) technology makes it possible to see the other side of the story. It transposes computer-generated content in a real-world environment to provide an entirely new perspective. AR overlays virtual elements in the real world while letting you freely experiment with virtual data such as videos, images, sounds, and wall art on a display screen via a camera.

Changing the Landscape of Wall Art 

The new AR technology marks an important milestone in 365Canvas’s digital transformation strategy. 365Canvas is among the first canvas print brands to bring this tool to buyers, redefining the shopping experience and the way we decorate our walls. This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve buying habits for all buyers.

The new tool automatically scales canvas prints – based on real-life room dimensions – with maximum precision. It manipulates 3D data in true-scale real-world environments with the swipe of your finger. 

Moreover, AR technology has the capability to let you precisely view the color of the canvas prints, as well as how different elements are rendered around the wall. The result is a realistic 3D preview of the wall décor that empowers shoppers to confidently buy Canvas prints. 

The new tool is available for use with all canvases. It is relatively straightforward to use with no download required.  

Augmented Reality will be a complete game-changer for wall art, much like the disruption of the internet itself. 365Canvas has always been at the forefront of pioneering home décor technology for users and bringing their vision to life. Every wall in your home should feel like it’s authentically you – and the AR technology helps you explore wall art like never before. 

In addition to digitally moving 365Canvas products around a 3D wall, users can share images and videos with their friends. 

The new AR tool works on all 365Canvas products, and in the future, it will play a pivotal role in home décor. As technology catches up with our imaginations, AR will change the landscape of home décor. 

How to Use the AR Application: 

Available for users on Android and iOS 12 (make sure to upgrade your device to iOS 12).

Step 1:

  • Visit 365canvas.com on your mobile browser.
  • Browse through our products and choose one that you want to place on your wall.
  • Personalize the product to your liking and then click “View in Your Room”.
365Canvas’s new Augmented Reality (AR) technology
365Canvas’s new Augmented Reality (AR) technology

Step 2: Tap the Hexagon icon at the top right of the canvas.

*Note for desktop users: Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code after clicking “View in Your Room”. 

365Canvas’s new Augmented Reality (AR) technology
365Canvas’s new (AR) technology

Step 3: Now you can freely move and experiment with the canvas prints on the wall, it is as simple as that!

365Canvas’s new Augmented Reality (AR) technology
365Canvas’s new (AR) technology