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About 12-Year
Anniversary for Her

12 years of being together is a huge milestone. For 12 years any couple goes through a lot of different happy and
hard moments and their relationship gets stronger. If you want to show your wife that you still love her so much
after these many years, probably you need an idea for a 12-year anniversary gift for her.

Traditionally, the gift for the 12th anniversary should be made of silk or linen which represents how couples become
stronger by weaving their lives together. In more modern days, however, the 12-year anniversary gift for your
is commonly jewelry with pearls representing purity, honesty and wisdom. You can choose either the
traditional or more modern theme and get your beloved wife something she will cherish forever!

Make sure to show your loving wife how much you appreciate her and that your feelings have not changed since you
exchanged your wedding vows. A personalized and unique 12-year anniversary gift for her will surely
make her happy!

Explore Best 12-Year Anniversary Gift for Her

What would make a great 12-year anniversary gift for her? Here’s a list of some unique gifts you can get for
your wife for your anniversary:

  • A gorgeous linen throw pillow with your names and wedding date on it.
  • A beautiful and comfortable set of linen bed sheets that will make any bedroom look and feel more luxurious.
  • A framed piece of linen with the lyrics of your wedding song written on it.
  • A colorful silk scarf to complete your stylish outfits.
  • Silk set of bed sheets to beautiful your bedroom and improve your sleep.

At 365Canvas, we have an array of quality gifts, perfect to show your wife your love and appreciation for her.
Browse our website to get the ideal 12-year anniversary gift for her!


What do I get for her for 12 year anniversary?

Fine silk and linen are customary presents for 12th anniversary. These two traditional materials for home décor stand
for the life a couple has created together. Popular fabrics for clothing or scarves include silk and fine linen. As a
result, males can surprise their girlfriend by dressing her in a color and style that they both like.

What types of 12-year anniversary gift for her can you find on 365Canvas?

365 Canvas is a place where you can find a variety of souvenirs for your loved one. 365Canvas’ gifts are mainly gifts
that are a combination of photos and other materials such as photo frames, pillows, mugs, blankets,… What do you
think if you give her a cup with pictures of both two? Surely this will make her happy and remember you all day.

How should we celebrate a 12 year anniversary gift for her?

Set the table for dinner, bring out the fine china from the wedding, get some flowers from the yard, light the
candles, etc. Would you like to go back to your first date’s location? Do it! Did your wedding day have a particular
theme? Be imaginative! There are so many lovely decorations lying about the house that you may utilize to create the
ideal romantic ambiance.