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About 12-Year Anniversary Gifts

The 12-year anniversary has no doubt been a crucial occasion. That means a dozen years of marriage, therefore, hope the couples spend the next journey smoothly and come through scratchy obstacles along the way. As a result, this theme is also known as the Silk anniversary, forecasting even more durable bonds.

Traditional 12-Year anniversary gift

Linen or Silk is in connection with traditional 12-Year anniversary gifts. They symbolize faith, naturalness, power, and smoothness. Etiquette said that but it is not strictly required for these raw materials as 12 year anniversary gift traditional. People can flexibly create, and do many things associated with them such as ties, pajamas sets, blankets, silk bouquets,

Modern 12-Year anniversary gift

The modern 12-Year anniversary gifts are pearls or colored gems. Pearl represents honesty, purity, and wisdom. You have got marvelous achievements for 12 years so why not celebrate with the glamorous gemstone?

12-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts for country

Each country has diverse customs and traditions, hence, they celebrate different 12 yr wedding anniversary gift. Four big nations including the US, Spain, Italy, and France enjoy this theme with Silk. In opposition, Germany and Russia define the date by Nickel. Only the US lives in their world with Silk and Fine Line for 12th wedding anniversary gift.

Special Quotes for 12-Year Anniversary Gifts

Don’t know what to write on anniversary cards? Pick some below quotes:

  • We all have a childhood dream that, when there is love, everything goes like silk, but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromises.” Raquel Welch
  • “Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years, multiply.” Zane Grey

Price of 12 Year Anniversary Gifts By Year From 365Canvas


Twelve Wonderful Years


Canvas Print

She Said Yes


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Custom Couple Initial Name



Cute Bears Together


Coffee Mug

12 Year Anniversary



12 Years We Made A Family



12 Year Anniversary


What is the 12 Year Wedding Anniversary called?

The 12 Year wedding anniversary is popularly called the Silk and Fine Linen Anniversary.

What is the 12-Year Wedding Anniversary Gemstone?

Jade is the 12th wedding anniversary gift gemstone.

What is the 12-Year Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

Silk and Fine Linen stands for the 12 yr wedding anniversary gift.

What is the color for the 12-Year Wedding Anniversary?

The typical color linked with the 12-Year wedding anniversary gift ideas is Oyster White.

What are the 12-Year Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts?

Same as the symbol, people prepare Silk and Linen as the traditional gifts of this theme.

What are the 12-Year Wedding Anniversary Modern Gifts?

If you prefer high-end presents, let’s check out the pearls and colorful gemstones.

What types of 12 Year Anniversary Gifts can you find on 365Canvas?

There are many unique merchandises on 365Canvas like mugs, canvas prints, wall arts, ornaments, plaques, blankets, and so on. Nothing is more special than the personalized pillows that print your two photos with the memory of the wedding date. It will help your spouses sleep well and relax their minds.

What is the 12-Year Wedding Anniversary Flower?

The Peony, which symbolizes luck, fortune, affection, recognition, and wealth, is in connection with the flower of the 12th anniversary gift ideas.

How should we celebrate 12 Year Anniversary Gifts?

Take time to plan a travel tour and book an elegant hotel, then experience the silk trade routes in Asia. An extraordinary journey like that will teach you more about the origin of Silk – the symbol of this theme – and sympathize with each other much better.

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