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About 14 Year Anniversary for Her

Happy 14th anniversary! You made it and there is a long road ahead for you two. But, for now, it is time to celebrate, and what better way than with a special 14-year anniversary gift for her? Here is what you need to know about the anniversary theme and gift ideas!

The 14th anniversary is a special time in every couple’s journey. The traditional gift is ivory although it is better to pick ivory-colored items since real ivory is hard to come by legally. Or, you can opt for the modern gift version which is gold jewelry!

If your lady loves gold earrings or necklaces, then your choice for a 14-year anniversary gift for her would be easy. If she favors other types of jewelry though, you can pick something with a golden element or choose not to follow the tradition. The choice is yours!

Explore Best 14-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Wondering what to get her for your 14th anniversary together? Here are some gift ideas to consider:

  • An ivory necklace to keep up with the tradition.
  • A tagua nut earring (either with gold or her favorite metal).
  • A rose dipped in gold for a modern twist.
  • Gold drop earrings for her jewelry collection.
  • An engraved tagua nut with a custom message from you.
  • A gold watch or bracelet with a sweet engraving.

To find even more 14-year anniversary gifts for her, go through the 365Canvas website. You will find a ton of ideas to make her smile!

14-year anniversary gift ideas for her


What do I get for her for 14 year anniversary? 

Ivory is the customary anniversary present for a 14-year marriage but goes for something off-white instead of actual ivory. There are many ivory-colored things available for you to select from, whether you want a warm blanket, a plush robe, or a stylish set of nontoxic cookware. Gold jewelry is the traditional 14th anniversary present for her. The possibilities with this subject are endless, even if gold jewelry may seem like a dull choice.

What types of 14 year anniversary gifts for her can you find on 365Canvas? 

If you need to find a present for her, try browsing on 365Canvas. 365 Canvas offers gifts such as canvas prints, blankets, pillows, and mugs. With this special “Star Map with Song Lyrics” framed poster, you may declare your undying love for your soul mate. Add your favorite song’s lyrics or the lyrics to your first wedding dance song to make it more distinctive. It’s the perfect gift to symbolize your couple’s, unwavering love.

How should we celebrate 14 year anniversary gifts for her?

An anniversary celebration is an ideal opportunity to honor a couple’s time together, especially your own. Although throwing your own anniversary celebration may seem like a strange concept, it is a wonderful way to bring your loved ones together.