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About 1-Year Anniversary Gift for Her

They say you never forget your first, and that extends to anniversaries, too. Whether it is your girlfriend, wife, or loved one, the occasion calls for a special 1-year anniversary gift for her. No matter what you choose, she will still love it because it is from you!

First year anniversaries mainly have two themes: paper and clocks. While the traditional paper gifts present the blank page of your new marriage, a clock is known to mark the time you’ve been together. So, if you want to find a chic 1-year anniversary gift for girlfriend or wife, you can stick to these two themes. Knowing her, you would know best which one she would enjoy more.

And remember, the best 1st anniversary gift is the one that shows how much you love and care about her. Express your love through any of the beautiful gifts we have curated below!

Explore Best 1-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Every anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. Here are some amazing ideas for a first anniversary gift for wife or girlfriend:

  • A photo collage desktop plaque with your best memories together.
  • A custom photo collage pillow to decorate your home.
  • A wine barrel clock for a truly chic gift.
  • A beautiful leather journal for her to write down your adventures.
  • A vinyl wall art of her favorite song. It could also be the son of your wedding dance!

At 365Canvas, we offer a ton of amazing and memorable gifts that are perfect for first anniversaries. Browse our website to find the perfect 1-year anniversary gift for her!

1 year anniversary gift ideas for her


What are thoughtful 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for her? 

The 1 year anniversary is such an important milestone, therefore, men need to prepare gifts from the bottom of their hearts. Paper and clock are the traditional and modern presents respectively. As a result, a beautiful present like a customized clock or a bouquet of paper flowers is a must for this year’s anniversary. 

What types of 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for her can you find on 365Canvas?

Making a new version of previous images will be a joyful method to celebrate 1 Year Anniversary. You can choose the most beautiful picture of your sweetheart and visit 365Canvas to find a suitable personalized gift. Plenty of gift inspiration for your reference is a mug, blanket, plaque, pillow, and paper print,…

Think about the “You Are My Sun, My Moon, And All My Stars” Canvas print as an alternative as well. 

How should we celebrate 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for her? 

Surprise her on the very special occasion by a romantic holiday together. Women will be touched so much if you combine this journey with outdoor activities that speak to their tastes and favorites. 

Since paper is the symbol of this theme as well, how about an anniversary card that reads “Happy 12 months of marriage together” and contains your handwriting confession? It is believed that your spouses appreciate this gift even if it is so simple.