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About 22-Year Anniversary Gift for Her

Every year of marriage is a special milestone. It does not matter if it is a round anniversary or a number like 22. Every occasion is worthy of celebration. From a tiny keepsake to a big present, your wife will appreciate your gesture more than anything else. A good gift will make things a hundred times more special though!

If you are looking for a 22-year anniversary gift for her, you should start by learning the traditional and modern gifts. For the 22nd anniversary, they are the same — copper. The symbol is quite simple — copper is durable and it does not deteriorate over time. Just like your love!

Pay attention to any hints or comments she might make, and try to incorporate that into your gift. It will show her that, even after all those years, you still listen to her and want to make her happy.

Explore Best 22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

So, what would make for an awesome 22-year anniversary gift for her? Here are some cool ideas to consider for your wife:

  • A copper decor piece to celebrate the Copper Anniversary tradition.
  • A custom copper key chain with your initials, wedding date, or another personal detail.
  • A copper foil print with a sweet message from you.
  • A soft cotton robe for a cozy night in.
  • A set of copper cheese knives or utensils.

No matter what you choose, each of the 22nd wedding anniversary gifts for her on the 365Canvas website is sure to impress her!

Price of 25-year anniversary gift by year for her

Recipient Anniversary Gifts Type Best Gift Ideas Price Image Buy On
Unique 22 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her From 365Canvas
Custom Canvas “Where It All Began” Canvas Print $59.95 365Canvas
Custom Canvas Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas Print $59.95 365Canvas
Custom Canvas “You Are Mine” Song Lyrics Canvas Print $49.95 365Canvas
Canvas Print Heart Shaped Bird Canvas Print $49.95 365Canvas
Map Canvas “The Night Everything Changed” Canvas Print $49.95 365Canvas
Photo Canvas “I’m The Happiest When I’m With You” Canvas Print $49.95 365Canvas
Best 22 Year Anniversary Gifts For Her
Necklace Romantic “I Love You” Necklace $99.00 Amazon
Necklace Infinity Heart Necklace $97.10 Amazon
Souvenir Red Rose Crystal Glass Figurine $54.99 Amazon
Souvenir Oval Gemstone Dangle Earrings $154.60 Amazon
Wood Frame Multicolor Wood Frame $22.74 Amazon


What do I get for her for 22 year anniversary? 

Copper is both a classic and trendy present for a 22nd anniversary. This metal, of course, gives a lovely metallic tint to everything from home products to jewelry, but it also has symbolic importance. Copper is an extremely robust metal that does not corrode over time.

What types of 22nd wedding anniversary gift for her can you find on 365Canvas? 

Try browsing on 365Canvas for her gifts such as canvas prints, blankets, pillows, and mugs… A beautiful symphony is “22 Years Anniversary Song Lyrics Word Art Number Photo Collage Canvas”. Customize it with any song in the shape of the number TWENTY-TWO! Add 12 images, names, and dates as well. This personalized home décor will make your home sing. The lovely sound of art will brighten with the 22 Years Anniversary Song Lyrics Word Art Number Photo Collage Canvas.

How should we celebrate 22nd wedding anniversary gift for her?

Climb a mountain, go on a trek, ride your bike, or hit tennis balls at your local tennis courts. If your anniversary falls during the winter, try nordic or alpine skiing, snowshoeing, or just making a snowman. There are so many ways to get active together, no matter the season!