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What do I get for him for 49th Anniversary Gifts?

A traditional theme gift on the 49th anniversary is copper while a modern one is luxuries. You can choose a Copper wind chime or spinner, a pair of copper Moscow mule mugs or a Necklace with a copper heart engraved with names or initials. Cu (perhaps for Cupid?) is the chemical symbol for copper. This will be a meaningful gift.

What types of 49th Anniversary Gifts By Year For him can you find on 365Canvas?

If you want to give him a surprise gift, why don’t you choose a customized gift? That will be a unique, only one in our whole life. Find some perfect ideas on 365Canvas. This website will offer good ideas for you as well as give you high-quality products such as desktop plaques, pillows, canvas prints, mugs, albums, etc.

How should we celebrate 49th Anniversary Gifts For him?

Here are some ideas for celebrating your 49th wedding anniversary gift: a sensual spa day for two, a visit to a vineyard, and wine tasting. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to the ultimate luxury vacation, such as a cruise to Antarctica or a weekend getaway to Monaco by private jet.

Unique 49th Anniversary Gifts For Him From 365Canvas

Canvas Print

We Make One Beautiful Family


Desktop Plaque

You Will Meet Someone Custom Photo


Canvas Print

To My Husband



Our Adventure Book


Frame Art

Our Stars 49 Years Ago