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What do I get for couples for the 52nd anniversary?

While the 52nd anniversary does not have a traditional gift, rubies are popular as its modern gift. Rubies are a variety of shapes and sizes that you can easily choose a gift to give. We suggest gifts such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

What types of 52nd Anniversary Gifts for couples can you find on 365Canvas?

We have many types of presents for the 52nd anniversary gift by year. Canvas Prints, mugs, Photos, Desktop plaques, pillows,…are all bestseller items every year on our website.

How should we celebrate 52nd Anniversary Gifts for couples?

Having a romantic party at a favorite restaurant is something that couples often do on anniversaries. Then try something new for your meaningful anniversary. Take a look at the following ideas:

Unique 52nd Anniversary Gifts For Couples From 365Canvas

Canvas Print

Riding Together


Coffee Mug

52 Years Ago I Said I Do



We Still Do 52 Years


Frame Art

Where We Met 1st Anniversary


Scratch Off Print

Wedding Couple Gift