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About 21-Year Anniversary Gifts

Just because you celebrated a major milestone last year, it doesn’t mean that this one will be any less grand. Your marriage is standing on the steady ground now. Keep it that way with an unforgettable 21-year wedding anniversary gift.

Traditional 21-Year Anniversary Gifts By Year

A traditional 21st-anniversary gift is a statement piece with the opal. There’s no denying that this stone will make a keepsake like no other. It looks great on a pendant or earrings.

As for flowers, you can pair your anniversary gift idea with a bouquet of irises. These blooms are a sign of faith, hope, and wisdom, and will surely make a room smell divine.

Modern 21-Year Anniversary Gifts

The material for your 21st anniversary gift is brass or nickel. Stick to the theme with wall art, kitchen tools, or antiques. Couples will surely love them.

21-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts Around the World

What do people offer him and her in Spain and Italy as a traditional 21st-anniversary gift? They pick a gift with oak – furniture is a fan favorite. The Germans, Russians, and French stick to the gemstone of the anniversary, the opal.

Heartfelt Expressions for 21-Year Anniversary Gifts

Sweet words bring two people together in more ways than one. Read these and smile:

  • “There is no end to a wedding anniversary when love is always full and growing each and every day.” -Byron Pulsifer
  • “The secret to having a good marriage is to understand that marriage must be total, it must be permanent and it must be equal.” -Frank Pittman

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365canvas’s selection for 21st Wedding Anniversary

What is the 21st Wedding Anniversary called?

The 21st wedding anniversary is the Brass anniversary.

What is the 21st Wedding Anniversary Gemstone?

For the 21st wedding anniversary, the gemstone is Iolite.

What is the 21st Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

Brass, standing for purifying and refreshing, is the 21st Wedding Anniversary Symbol

What is the color for the 21st Wedding Anniversary?

Orange, connecting with this year’s modern gift, is the synonymous color of the 21st Wedding Anniversary.

What are the 21st Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts? 

The 21st Wedding Anniversary does not have any traditional gifts.

What are the 21st Wedding Anniversary Modern Gifts?

People usually offer their spouse Nickel or Brass to celebrate the 21st Wedding Anniversary.

What types of 21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts can you find on 365Canvas? 

You have different choices of gifts from 365Cavans like mugs, canvas prints, wall arts, blankets, and pillows,…

What is the 21st Wedding Anniversary Flower? 

Iris is the timeless flower of the 21st Wedding Anniversary. It stands for love, affection, bravery, perception, and belief.

How should we celebrate the 21st Wedding Anniversary Gifts? 

Even after 21 years, should you keep your relationship passion by a slight adventure voyage? What about booking a discovery tour or trekking on the wild side? Or if you are keen on staying at home, just celebrate with a romantic dinner and confess feelings to each other.

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