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About 18 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you have kids, they’re probably getting ready to leave the nest at this point. Prepare yourselves for life without the little ones around. Perhaps it’s time to take an adventure together. How’s that for an 18-year wedding anniversary gift?

Traditional 18-Year Anniversary Gifts

If you love sticking to tradition, an 18th-anniversary gift to offer is a necklace, tie pin, or bracelet with garnet. This striking red stone is a sign of love, romance, and commitment.

While there are no flowers tied to this year, you can offer red flowers to stick to the theme. Think roses, peonies, and lilies.

Modern 18-Year Anniversary Gifts

The modern 18-year anniversary gift is porcelain, and what a beautiful material this is! You can easily apply it to home decor, serving dishes, and jewelry. Another anniversary gift idea is anything blue, which is the color of the year.

18-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year Around the World

In Germany, France, and Russia, people offer turquoise as traditional 18-year anniversary gifts for him or them. Is your family Italian or Spanish? If so, think about giving a gift made of quartz.

Special Quotes for 18-Year Anniversary Gifts

A couple with a long and healthy marriage expresses their love every single day. Check out some quotes by these famous people:

  • “Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” ― Plato
  • “If you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.” ― Haruki Murakami

Price of 18 year anniversary gift

What is the 18th Wedding Anniversary called?

The 18th wedding anniversary is called “the Porcelain Anniversary” – a source of inspiration from this year’s modern gift.

What is the 18th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone?

For the 18th wedding anniversary, the gemstone is Cat’s Eye, which presents adoration, affection, dedication, and romance.

What is the 18th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

Porcelain is the symbol of the 18th Wedding Anniversary.

What is the color for the 18th Wedding Anniversary?

Blue is the color of the 18th Wedding Anniversary.

What are the 18th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts? 

Regarding this year’s celebration, the traditional gift is porcelain.

What are the 18th Wedding Anniversary Modern Gifts?

Porcelain or any items related to the gemstone is a great modern gift for the 18th of marriage anniversary.

What types of 18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts can you find on 365Canvas? 

You have different choices of gifts from 365Cavans like mugs, canvas prints, wall arts, blankets, and pillows,…

What is the 18th Wedding Anniversary Flower? 

Even though there is no singular flower associated with this theme, it is appropriate to make a bloomy gift from tulips, carnations, and roses.

How should we celebrate the 18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts? 

Creating enriching moments by visiting a business location that contains huge of your priceless memories. Besides, let’s consider more about the garnet gemstone as a gift that is used in a balanced way to enhance affection, passion, and sensuality.