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About 57-Year Anniversary Gifts

By the time a couple has lived through 57 years of marriage, they’re comfortable with each other. They might not splurge on gifts as newlyweds do. Rather, they value keepsakes and the chance to spend time together.

Traditional 57-Year Anniversary Gifts

Good news! You can base your 57-year anniversary gift for him or her on any material you wish. There isn’t a traditional gem for the year, but go ahead and pick out a locket or pocket watch.

Pair your gift idea with a bunch of azaleas. These flowers are a sign of family, elegance, and riches.

Modern 57-Year Anniversary Gifts

How about a modern 57th anniversary gift? The theme for the year is mirror or glass, so some kitchenware or a new dressing table. To take things up a notch, personalize a canvas print for the walk-in closet!

57-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year Around the World

Most countries around the world do not have common traditional gifts. However, if your family is from France, make sure not to skip the azaleas!

Special Quotes for 57-Year Anniversary Gifts

Want to say something sweet to your partner but don’t have a way with words? Don’t worry. Here are some ways to greet your loved one on this special day:

  • “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” -Andre Marois
  • “You deserve the world, and I know I can’t give that to you. So I’ll give you the next best thing: my world.” -Unknown

Price of 57-year anniversary gift

Recipient Anniversary Gifts Type Best Gift Ideas Price Image Buy On
Unique 57 Year Anniversary Gifts From 365Canvas
Canvas Print “All Of Me Loves All Of You” Canvas Print $54.95 365Canvas
Desktop plaque “I Love You And I Like You” Desktop Plaque $24.95 365Canvas
Mug “Annoying Each Other For Years” Mug $22.95 365Canvas
Pillow Custom Song Lyric and Photo Pillow $27.95 365Canvas
Blanket “Loving Life With You” Blanket $59.95 365Canvas
Ornament “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Ornament $16.95 365Canvas
Jewelry “Happy 57th Anniversary” Necklace $44.95 Etsy
Decor Constellation Chart Lamp $31.99 Etsy
Framed Print Original Personalized Love Story Map Illustration $33.72 Etsy
Mug “Fabulous Since 1965” Mug $14.85 Etsy
Pillow “Mr And Mrs” Cushion $12.81 Etsy
Mug “57 Year Anniversary” Silver Travel Mug $24.95 Amazon
Ring Silver Proof Half Dollar Coin Ring $45.00 Etsy
Candle “Light me BJ” Candle $21.64 Etsy
Watch Stainless Steel Quartz Watch $140.00 Amazon
Wallet Custom Wallet $35.29 Etsy
Accessories Lucky Four Leaf Clover Charm Keyring $12.81 Etsy
Clothes “57th Anniversary Better Together” Shirt $16.14 Etsy
Figurines  “Choose Your Own Family” Combination Figurines $28.99 Etsy
Keychain Leather Photo Keychain $24.04 Etsy
Print Customized Couple Print $11.42 Etsy


What is the 57th Wedding Anniversary called?

The 57th wedding anniversary does not have a well-known name, even though many years of marriage have.

What is the 57th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone?

The 57th wedding anniversary doesn’t have a particular gemstone; instead, you might choose your or your spouse’s favorite gem this year.

What is the 57th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

The 57th wedding anniversary doesn’t typically have a symbol. Glass or a mirror would be appropriate with this year’s theme.

What is the color for the 57th Wedding Anniversary?

For this 57th anniversary, there isn’t a typical color, but you can choose a color based on the azalea flower.

What are the 57th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts?

There is no traditional gift for the 57th wedding anniversary

What are the 57th Wedding Anniversary Modern Gifts?

The modern gift for the 57th Wedding Anniversary is a glass or a mirror. A classy glass jewelry box, something personalized for you or your spouse, or even a piece of glass art would be ideal for this significant wedding anniversary.

What types of 57th Wedding Anniversary Gifts can you find on 365Canvas?

You can find on 365 Canvas various types of gifts like canvas prints, blankets, pillows, mugs, and art prints, …

What is the 57th Wedding Anniversary Flower?

The Azalea is an ideal flower for the 57th Wedding Anniversary. The type of flower represents the husband and wife’s undying love and faithfulness.

How should we celebrate the 57th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

You can take your spouse out to dinner, which is always a pleasure, or you can go on a trip. If the whole family joined you, you would surely make it an anniversary to remember.