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About 59-Year Anniversary Gifts

How does a couple stay together for almost 60 years? What’s their secret? Did God just bless them with a loving marriage, or did it take a lot of work? These two will probably tell you that a lot of talking things out over countless meals did the trick. Let’s give them a preview of their diamond party next year.

Traditional 59-Year Anniversary Gifts

There’s no traditional gem for this event. However, if you feel like offering jewelry as a 59-year anniversary gift, by all means, go ahead. Bear in mind that for the 60th year, the theme will be diamonds.

Here’s a gift idea for him and her to enjoy. This year’s plant is the olive tree, a symbol of peace.

Modern 59-Year Anniversary Gifts

It’s time to get creative. Make a memory tree for the lovebirds to enjoy from any material you find. Fill the keepsake with texts or messages and pictures of the family members or important milestones. You can also offer a canvas print showing the years of marriage and all the couple’s achievements.

59-Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts Around the World

A 59th anniversary gift in France is the olive tree. Place one in the garden and watch it grow!

Special Quotes for 59-Year Anniversary Gifts By Year

Check out these sweet ways to express your love:

  • “I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.” -Unknown
  • “Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.” — H. L. Mencken

Price of 59-year anniversary gift

Recipient Anniversary Gifts Type Best Gift Ideas Price Image Buy On
Unique 59 Year Anniversary Gifts From 365Canvas
Canvas Print “We Still Do” Canvas Print $49.95 365Canvas
Desktop plaque “I Love You And I Like You” Desktop Plaque $24.95 365Canvas
Mug “You Are Still The Best Husband Or Wife” Mug $22.95 365Canvas
Pillow “A Great Big Hug” Pillow $27.95 365Canvas
Blanket “And They Lived Happily Ever After” Blanket $59.95 365Canvas
Ornament “I Love You To The Moon And Back” Ornament $16.95 365Canvas
Jewelry “Happy 59th Anniversary” Dainty Circles Necklace $54.95 Amazon
Decor Personalized Night Light Of Date $33.73 Etsy
Mug “You’ve Been A Great Wife For 59 Years” Cup $14.85 Amazon
Socks “Years Down Forever To Go” Socks $5.44 Etsy
Pillow Personalised “Mr And Mrs” Cushion $16.63 Etsy
Candle “Thanks For All The Orgasms” Candle $16.90 Etsy
Accessory Personalized Matching Couple Bracelet $60.60 Etsy
Bag “59 Years And Going Strong” Wine Bag $9.99 Amazon
Watch Luxury Personalized Watch $49.99 Etsy
Accessory Vintage Keyring $72.80 Etsy
Clothes “59 Years Feel Like Yesterday” Shirt $21.99 Etsy
Print Art Personalized “Met Engaged” Print $21.93 Etsy
Socks Custom Anniversary Socks $14.99 Etsy
Keychain Custom Couple Keyring Heart Keychain $11.19 Etsy
Mug “We Still Do 59 Years Strong” Mug $14.99 Amazon


What is the 59th Wedding Anniversary called?

The 59th anniversary does not have a well-known name because it is not designated as a milestone year.

What is the 59th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone?

The 59th wedding anniversary does not have a designated gemstone; feel free to pick your and your spouse’s absolute favorite for this year.

What is the 59th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

The 59th wedding anniversary doesn’t have a symbol; however, this year was to have a family tree symbolism in some places.

What is the color for the 59th Wedding Anniversary?

There is no color connected with the 59th wedding anniversary.

What are the 59th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts?

There is no traditional gift for the 59th wedding anniversary

What are the 59th Wedding Anniversary Modern Gifts?

The modern gift is a family tree. For your 59th wedding anniversary, you can do artwork or give your loved ones a handcrafted gift.

What types of 59th Wedding Anniversary Gifts can you find on 365 Canvas?

You can find on 365 Canvas various types of gifts like canvas prints, blankets, pillows, mugs, and art prints, …

What is the 59th Wedding Anniversary Flower?

The olive tree, the flower for a 59th wedding anniversary, is also a symbol of endurance, serenity, and friendship. It also denotes a long and happy life.

How should we celebrate the 59th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Plan for the two to go on a unique adventure together so they may make many more priceless memories. Go somewhere you’ve never been, stay the night at a luxury resort, enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones, or become thrilled about international travel.